Alchemy 3D Screensaver

Alchemy 3D Screensaver

Alchemy 3DScreensaver will take you to an ancient lab full of magic

Are you into magical and occult stuff?
Do you like to talk or read about the ancient alchemists?
Alchemy 3DScreensaver will take you to an ancient lab full of magic.

This unique screensaver will transport you back in time to those days when everything was explained by magic.
Now we know that it was not magic at all but pure science.
And who were those men? What special powers did alchemists have?

They were just very intelligent people who devoted their lives to science and to try to explain things.
They also used to experiment a lot, but didn't like to spread their knowledge with anybody.
Do you remember that they were looking for a way to turn lead into gold?

It is well known that definitely they did accomplish many things considered very strange in those days.
But, how did they do it? Were they really magicians? What or who was their aid?

With Alchemy 3D Screensaver you will be able to visit the lab of one of those "magic” men.
You will see the table where he used to write down his discoveries, and where he witnessed very strange phenomena.
Some people said that they were helped by demons and ghosts.

Whatever it was, they left us with their legacy of wisdom and imagination.
You will surely enjoy watching this screensaver.
Who knows? Maybe if you stare long enough you will be able to see something weird appear to reveal some kind of secret!

Fernando Soni
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Review summary


  • Weird and mysterious
  • Good atmosphere


  • It is a little bit too slow
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